Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron go to a bowling alley - July 22nd, 2014 +


When guys say “I prefer girls who don’t wear makeup,” 97% of the time what they mean is “I want a girl with perfectly clear creamy skin, no under eye circles, rosy lips, dark eyelashes, defined eyebrows, and I want her to have all this ~naturally~ without any hint she works for it because that would be ~shallow~, so basically I expect to date someone who is like 0.04% of the population.”

Robert Pattinson photographed by Jana Cruder

I don’t want to be a monster.

"I joined this drama club when I was 16 because I fancied this girl who went to it. [Laughs] I’d never done any acting before. But they were doing Guys & Dolls, and I’d never sung but for some reason I really wanted to be in it.. I did that, and another play afterwards, then randomly got an agent. But I think it was just the first time you do something—a performance—it’s incredibly addictive. I remember doing Tess of the d’Urbervilles—the Thomas Hardy thing. I did this scene where I slapped Tess in the face. And just seeing people in the front row going [gasps in horror]—you suddenly have this massive burst of energy through you." — Robert Pattinson

“‘Twilight’ was an exceptional adventure. I certainly wouldn’t be here without those films. I owe everything to ‘Twilight’, but I’m glad I turned the page. I used to feel safe in saying that if one of my projects didn’t work, I always had a ‘Twilight’ movie. Now that’s no longer the case, I have to take risks in my choices. And it pushes me to be better.” — Robert Pattinson



This shall be my review or reaction or whatever the hell you want to call it ~ basically I will be talking about how fabulous and amazeballs rob is and shizzzzzz so yuh let’s get to it shall we (TOP HALF WILL BE SPOILER FREE AND BOTTOM HALF WILL CONTAIN SOME. WHEN YOU ARE ENTERING THE SPOILER SECTION, YOU WILL BE WARNED)

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